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Volunteer Opportunities

vol'un'teer n. 1. a person who enters or offers to enter
into service of his own free will. 2. serving others,
usually without compensation. 3. growing from a seed
usually falling to the ground, growing wild impulsively, 4.
intentional action, not accidental 5. controlled by one's
own mind 6. done without persuasion, completely by free

RESOLVE of Hawaii is a nonprofit organization which is entirely run by volunteers. This means that without you, your membership, and your donation of time and energy, RESOLVE would not exist. You may find that by empowering yourself to help others, you are more assertive and more able to help yourself. From a RESOLVE volunteer:

"Finally, in the last year I have discovered a type of therapy [for infertility] that has really made a difference in my life. I decided to volunteer for RESOLVE to share my knowledge and experience with other people in my same situation. I'm not exactly sure how this therapy works, but I feel volunteering for RESOLVE has decreased my isolation, my self-absorption with my own problems, and my feelings of being a victim. Somehow I'm changing the terrible negative of infertility into something positive which can make a difference in other peoples lives. I feel healing is finally starting to happen where I need it most, in the dark shadows of infertility. "

To complete the Volunteer Form, click here: Volunteer Form

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