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RESOLVE....a nationwide consumer organization, serves the unique needs of couples struggling to have a baby and professionls working with infertile patients. When gathering information and making decisions about medical treatments, options, coping techniques, legal and insurance issues, and new reproductive technologies. RESOLVE can help.

The more information you have, the better your decisions can be.

RESOLVE of Hawaii provides:
  • Support Group Meetings: Couples and/or individuals from the public meet the fourth Thursday of each month at Kapiolani Center for Women and Children, Conference Room A (in the main Cafeteria) to share their feelings, frustrations, and decision making processes in a self-guided discussion arena. Professional guest speakers and panelists from the infertile community discuss medical and emotional topics of
  • Telephone Help Line: Callers have the opportunity to speak with an active RESOLVE volunteer who has personally experienced infertility after leaving a voice message on an answering machine. All conversations are strictly confidential. The caller may want to discuss with a peer the frustrations of infertility or take advantage of RESOLVE's list of professional referrals. The telephone number is (808)528-8559. Your message will be answered within 24 hours.
  • Network and Referral: Professionally screened Physician Referrals are available to all active members through the Telephone Helpline (see above) or by writing to
    P.O. Box 29193 Honolulu, HI. 96820. Names of three professionals will be provided. The local Chapter also enables current members to network and contact other RESOLVE members who will discuss specific topics with which they have personal experience, such as medical procedures, miscarriage, or adoption.
  • Newsletter: Quarterly Hawaii newsletters are provided to our members from a local perspective featuring local event dates, meeting topics, and articles written by physicians, therapists, our members and friends.
  • Symposia: Day long symposia with reduced admission for members are held each year featuring professionals and expert speakers in the field of infertility. Tracks include adoption, third party pregnancy, Assisted Reproductive technology and low-tech tips for conception. The symposia features current up-to-date topics including the many aspects of infertility and adoption including medical, emotional and family building options.
  • Lending Library: (Library) RESOLVE of Hawaii offers it's members use of an extensive collection of current publications, videos, audiotapes and books on infertility and family building options for purchase or loan. Informational brochures from support services and private support agencies are also available. Additional infertility literature and information sheets are available for purchase as a fund raising event for the Hawaii chapter to the public. This link Library on this website lists the available publications.
  • National services: (National RESOLVE Webpage) Your membership in RESOLVE of Hawaii includes resources such as a Helpline phone consultation with a medical
    professional, fact sheets, member-to-member contact, quarterly issues of Family Building Magazine, National voice for advocacy and legislative reform, training and support of Hawaii services and volunteers.

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