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Video/Books list
Updated July 22, 2004

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-Book list
Books received within the year from Resolve’s Post Office Box:

  1. Freda, Margaret Comerford, R.N. and Carrie F. Semelsberger, R.N.  Miscarriage after Infertility:  A Woman’s Guide to Copying.  MN:  Fairview Press, 2003.   For women who fear that their lost pregnancy may be their last.
  2. Indichova, Julia.  Inconceivable:  A Woman’s Triumph over Despair and Statistics.  In a narrative filled with humor, heartache, and hope, Julia fearlessly documents her allegedly impossible mission to conceive a child.  NY: Broadway Books, 1997.  Her pilgrimage takes her through the offices of the best that modern medicine has to offer, as well as through a maze of surprising alternatives.  
  3. Linse-Adras, Marueen.  Step Right Up & Take Your Chances!  A personal journey through endometriosis, infertility, and adoption.  NE:  Morris Publishing, 2000.  A very thoughtful, interesting, and most humorous reflective personal journey through endometriosis, infertility, and adoption.
  4. Magnacca, Kristen.  Girlfriend to Girlfriend:  A Fertility Companion.  The author retraces her path on this journey, sharing her experiences, frustrations, and insights, as if sitting down with a friend.  www.1st 1st Books Library, 2000.  She is a member of Bay State Resolve.
  5. Ryan, Michael.  Baby B.  MN: Graywolf Press, 20004. An intimate, deeply felt account of a couple’s struggle to conceive a child.  The special beauty of this book is the way it explores the relationship and manages to express the complex, uniquely human tension between sexuality as romance and sexuality as reproduction.  The author is a profession of English and Creative Writing at the University of California Irvine.)
  6. Wisot, Arthur L., M.D. and David R. Meldrum, M.D. Conceptions & Misconceptions:  The Informed Consumer’s Guide through the Maze of In Vitro Fertilization and other Assisted Reproductive Techniques.  Canada: Hartley & Marks, 2004. (Second Edition)
-Video List
VHS videos
  1. Egg or Sperm Donation and Surrogacy:  What You Need to Know: Beth Ary, M.D. – June 5, 1999
  2. Donor Egg/Surrogacy:  Beth Ary, M.D. – June 5, 1999
  3. Fibroids:  Thomas Kosasa/Kenneth Vu – June 5, 1999
  4. Gauging the Ovarian Time Clock: Kenneth Vu – June 5, 1999
  5. Acupuncture: Vera Wang – June 5, 1999
  6. IVF after 35: Philip McNamee, M.D. – June 5, 1999
  7. Relationships: Graham Taylor, Ph.D. – June 5, 1999
  8. Locating Child: Linda Lach/Cindy Klien – June 5, 1999
  9. Adoption: Linda Lach/Kristine Altwies – June 5, 1999
  10. Advances in Diagnosis of Male Infertility: Philip Werthman, M.D. – June 5, 1999
  11. Sperm and Egg in the Lab/Advances in Reproductive Technology: Thomas Huang, Ph.D. – June 5, 1999
  12. Infertility 101:  Bruce Kesssel, M.D. – June 5, 1999
  13. Blastocysts: David Hill, M.D. – June 5, 1999
  14. Stress and Infertility – Bruce Kessel, M.D. – June 5, 1999
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